Stormwater Simplified.
Maryland’s new industrial stormwater permit, the 20-SW, will be released soon.
Contact us today to ensure your facility is taking all necessary steps to remain in compliance with these new regulations.

Comprehensive Permit Compliance

In the same way we help companies apply for and receive permit coverage, we also work with them to maintain their compliance moving forward.

The ongoing compliance requirements of the industrial stormwater permit (12-SW), the mineral mines permit (15-MM), and the marina permit (16-MA) are all slightly different, but they have more in common than not. All the permits require regular internal inspections, visual monitoring and lab testing of samples collected on-site during rain events, documented staff trainings about spill prevention procedures and other related topics, and more.

Grapewell’s Comprehensive Compliance Services

Some of the compliance services we provide to our clients throughout Maryland include:

Stormwater Sampling - All Maryland stormwater discharge permits require certain permit holders to collect stormwater samples, have them tested at a laboratory, and report the results on the relevant MDE/EPA database. This process can be confusing and expensive, which is why Grapewell offers a number of sampling services and products designed specifically to make the process as straightforward and affordable as possible.

Grapewell Sampling Kit Outside

Annual Comprehensive Inspections - All of Maryland's stormwater permits require permit holders to conduct comprehensive facility inspections on an annual basis. These inspections must be comprehensive in scope and must cover existing stormwater pollution prevention practices, procedures, and controls throughout the property in addition to providing suggestions for improvement. Our expert team conducts thorough inspections and provides all our clients with detailed and insightful written reports which can be used to document the effectiveness of controls and procedures and to plan future improvements.

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Annual Staff Stormwater Training - All of the permits require annual staff stormwater training. Grapewell's staff training product is custom-fit to each facility and covers everything from basic concepts about stormwater pollution and spill prevention to in-depth details about specific areas of focus/concern at your facility.

SWPPP Training

How it Works

Many of our clients opt into a comprehensive package that covers all their compliance requirements, while others pick and choose the services and products that fit their needs.

If you'd like more information about the permit's requirements or if you'd like to schedule a time to meet and discuss how our services can help you achieve your compliance goals, please contact us today.